Connect to our online services trough a few simply steps!

Just add these new lines to your webshops source code.

How it works?

A modal popup showing our offer to your Visitor, if they apply, we send the offer by e-mail to them.

Since your Customers get their product from you, they could sign up to our services. You get reward after every Customers Care purchase.

Why is it good for me?

When your customer start using our service (called Customers Care), you get your share from the service fee automatically.

We pay out your accumulated rewards monthly to your bank account.

What to do?

Register first.. Please provide us information about your webshop and yourself. You can also read trough the detailed terms and conditions here.

After the succesful registration you get your API Key and you or your developers could implement our script to your webshop. If needed, you can always ask for help. Our script doesn't have any effect on your webshop!



Partner Web Connect

We create BBox Partner Web Connect API especially for webshops.

Trough the BBox PWC API your webshop connect to our online calculator. We calculate the exact Customers Care plan fee for every single product and Visitor on the go.


Business Box Customer Care

Your Visitors able to extend the original warranty of their electronic home appliances with the Business Box Customer Care Service.

We have been providing our service since 2007 in Hungary.

With the Partner Web Connect all of your customers have the chance to buy our Services.

For Developers


BottomBar’s purpose to help Visitors get information about Customers Care service without effecting the eCommercre journey.

We display the BottomBar once per session to the visitor like the a well-known cookie alert message, so it does not get distraction away from the product.

BottomBar displays three different messages for the three stages (context) of the buying process and the visitors can find more information by clicking on it. DEMO

Context #1 - GeneralBottomBar - it appears when there is no product information

The webshop visitor is not yet on a specific product page or in cart, but view a generic page or group product page (category page, filter list, landing page, etc.)
BottomBar contains only an incentive message with the addition that imply: extended warranty is available in the webshop.
This message is displayed once per session.

Context #2 - ProductPageBottomBar - it will be displayed when product data is available

The webshop visitor browse a product page.
The BottomBar shows the lowest Customers Care price available for the specific product, and an incentive message to purchase the product with the extended warranty. (This is why necessary to include a code for providing product data on all product pages.)
It appears on every page where the details of a particular product are available in the "data-bbox-calculate" attribute. The unique offer is displayed only once per product / visitor.

Context #3 - CheckOutBottomBar - if the product being ordered

It will appear on the webshop’s order confirmation page.
The BottomBar diplays a Customers Care offer for every Product ordered in a nice list and an e-mail signup form. We send the offer by email to the customer.

<head><title>Webshop - Order successful</title></head>

    Order successful!

    <div style="display:none;" 
      'productType':            'notebook',
      'productBrand':           'Apple',
      'warrantyPeriod':         1,
      'productPrice':           450000,
      'productTypeNumber':      'MacbookPro 13” Retina Late 2014',
      'productImageUrl':        ''
    }" />
    <script async src=""></script>


Optional parameters:

Every webstore unique and different, so we can give you the opportunity to customize your BottomBar appearance to get the best conversion rate.

Switch GeneralBottomBar On/OffbboxBar= on/off, default: on
BottomBar Transparency bboxBarTransparency=70-100, default: 95 , %
BottomBar fade in delay bboxBarOpenTime=0-10, default: 3, secundum
BottomBar fade if to scrollbboxBarOpenScroll=0-100, default: 0, %
Successful offer popup position on page bboxSuccessPosition=middleCenter, default: middleCenter
available parameters: topLeft, topCenter, topRight, middleLeft, middleCenter, middleRight, bottomLeft, bottomCenter, bottomRight

The inserted code will look like this. This example belongs to the DEMO webshop! Do not copy it to your webshop directly!

<script async src=""></script>

API summary

Step #1: paste the base API code into your webshop code

After the registration we generate your unique API key and send it via email. Insert this API key into your webshop code before the </body> HTML TAG, as shown in the example below:

        <script async src=""></script>

Step #2: Required data for the fee calculation:

Insert the following product data into every product page. We recommend apply it to the Cart button.

  • * : required parameter
  • ** : optional parameter
* Product type (productType)
(e.g.: ledtv, notebook, laptop, huto, hutoszekreny, etc.)
Send the product type as your webshop database has it. The API able to learn the synonyms and the regulations.
* Brand (productBrand)
(e.g.: samsung, aeg, hp, hewlett-packard, packardbell.)
Send the product brand as most often used. The script will adapt to the form your webshop use.
* Product price (productPrice)
(e.g.: 109900)
Rounded gross consumer price.
** Type number (productTypeNumber)
The model name or model number of the Product. It can be anything, since we handle it as a unique text.
** Warranty period (warrantyPeriod)
(pl.: 1, 2, 3, 12, 24, 36)
Required for the fee calculation. If not sent, the default value is 1 year.
If the given value 5 or lower, we interpret as year. Every value greater than 5 treated as month.
** Product image URL (productImageUrl)
If you send the product image url, we will show the picture next to our offer. It increases conversion rates.


<head><title>BBox Partner Web Connect</title></head>

    <input type="button"  value="Add to cart"
          'productType':          'notebook',
          'productBrand':         'Apple',
          'warrantyPeriod':       1,
          'productPrice':         450000,
          'productTypeNumber': 	  'MacbookPro 13” Retina Late 2014',
          'productImageUrl':      ''
        }" />
    <script async src=""></script>